Just a reminder that PlowingVets will be on the Loon Morning Show tomorrow with Baxter & Laura. So, tune in during the 8 o'clock hour and find out about the great service this group of volunteers provides the St Cloud area.

PlowingVets is made up of all volunteers and will do snow removal for first responders, firefighters, police and vets, FREE.  These volunteers pay for expenses out of their own pockets and use their own equipment.

Last year they did over 70 driveways every time it snowed.  That's a lot of snow removal. This is such a cool thing to do for our first responders, police, firefighters and vets.

Listen tomorrow morning and hear all about PlowingVets and how you can volunteer your time and/or equipment. They'll be joining us on the morning show around 8:10 on the LOON.

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