Ohh, the sounds and sights of summer.  Something that we won't have to worry about for a few months.

tik-tok @Solid Bro
tik-tok @Solid Bro
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This video surfaced... it's a tik-tok video, and it seems like this painter from Eden Prairie has somethng in his pants that could be stinging him, or crawling around, or something that is obviously not wanted.  The comments on this video seem to suggest that he may possibly have a wasp or some other type of stinging insect in his pants.  I can't imagine anything much worse than that... maybe a snake or a spider may be just as bad, if not worse.  Honestly, any "creature" not wanted or expected in your pants... or anywhere would be very disconcerning.  Yikes!!

See the full video here -


This poor dude keeps picking at his pants, seemingly in the booty area.  Quite honestly, I would just about "drop trou" and get the offending critter out of there.  At that point, who cares who is looking.  Obviously, someone is watching because there is this video.  And now we have to share it with even more people.  But my heart goes out to him.

This would be awful!

Hope things turned out alright.

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