The new Barbie movie has had more hype surrounding it than any other movie recently.  You cannot avoid the promotion of this movie including commercials for other products not in the movie, food items with a Barbie theme, the regular trailer for the movie, and it seems like there have been several of those with different scenes being shown.  I'm wondering if the trailers are showing the best scenes from the movie.  You know - when you go to a movie that has been heavily promoted and everything you have seen in the trailers were the best parts of the movie, and the rest was disappointing?  I'm hoping that isn't the case.  But let's be honest... it could be.

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Now, the Mall of America has jumped on board the hype train.

A pop up closet has opened this past weekend and will be open through Wednesday of this week (July 19).  What is a pop up closet? According to a Facebook post for the Mall of America, this is what you can expect:

Step into #Barbie Land at the Barbie the Movie Pop-up Closet! 🎀 Experience an up-close look at 6 of the costumes worn in the movie. Channel your inner Barbie with photo ops + enjoy the Barbie Xbox lounge! Stop by now - Wednesday, July 19 on Level 1, North! ✨ #BarbieTheMovie

If you have a chld or if you are really excited about this movie coming out this coming weekend, on the 21st, this may be something you might want to check out ahead of seeing the film.

Just looking ahead to the holiday season, I'm guessing that there will be a lot of merchandise available for fans of Barbie and of the movie.  So, your shopping list may have to include some Barbie merch this year.

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