No one likes to hear that they may have not been "the best they could be" at any time in their career.  And sometimes you may just have an off night.  No one ever puts on a perfect show every single time.  You might try to, but sometimes you are just not going to deliver the way you know you should, and can.

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That might be just the thing that happened in this situation, at least according to one reporter in the metro area.

Country artist Luke Bryan, who is one of the most popular artists, and also a judge on American Idol, performed recently at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  From the crowds reaction, he did deliver what everyone wanted.  The sold out show was fun and energetic from what fans have said after seeing the show.

One reporter from the St. Paul Pioneer Press was in attendance.  And his review of the show was less than stellar.
Ross Raihala who is on X (Twitter) @rossraihala posted a review of the show.

He said things like "a distracted, slow moving Luke Bryan phoned it in...". According to Bring Me the News, he went on to say:

...massive stage, clearly made for stadiums, often felt empty as Bryan was far less animated and physical than previous shows

Funny thing is that Luke Bryan saw the Tweet (are we still calling it that?) and commented.  Stating that he "has never received a positive review from this newspaper".  

Raihala replied with several positive things that have been said about Bryan in the past. from 2014 in which he says Bryan has "an approachability and charm that manages to draw fans of both sexes."

Another Raihala review from 2018 notes Bryan "oozes with not just charisma, but approachable charisma." 

Can we still call this a "Twitter war"?  I know it's now X, but saying it's an "X war" just doesn't have the same ring to it.  If you're interested, you can see the entire review in the Pioneer Press here.  

Can't we all just get along?

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