It's been there for 80 some odd years.  And now it's not going to be there when the state fair rolls around this August.

If you go to the state fair most every year, like I generally do, you probably remember or have probably eaten at the Robbinsdale Dining Hall at some point.  They were known for their all day pancakes and great breakfast food.  And the thing was it was super delicious and also super cheap.  Maybe that was part of the issue.

Apparently it was a business decision.   Throughout the fair, which is 12 days, they were open 13 hours a day with about 50 volunteers.  And the volunteers have been dwindling, and it's just been tough to keep it open.  Also, the building needs some work- improvements.

The building will be sold back to the Minnesota State Fair, but it's sad to see something that has been a part of the fair for so long go away.

Stay tuned to what will be showing up there probably this year at the Great Minnesota Get Together.


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