When you ask people in the area what their favorite food is when they go out to eat, you usually hear Mexican.  There are so many choices from tacos, to nachos, to burritos and chimichangas to enchiladas, fajitas and more! Plus there are so many variations of these foods from the different meats, cheeses, heat factor, toppings and more.

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There are several Mexican restaurants within the St. Cloud area.  Now, there is going to be three more El Loro locations around the state.  One will open in Fergus Falls, one in New Hope and one is planned for a location in Princeton.

According to Bring Me the News, liquor licenses have been obtained (except for the New Hope one, which is still pending), and the opening dates will be announced soon.  Right now all that has been said is a vague "sometime this Spring"

If you are familiar with a certain restaurant that you love, it's nice to be able to travel to other areas around the state and be able to still enjoy the same things.  Although, we all know that sometimes things do vary from one location to another. Like you will hear people say "this one is great, but that one is just ok... or just not as good"  Hopefully the case with these restaurants will be people just saying that each of them is just as good as another.

There have been so many closings of businesses around the area since the pandemic, it's great to see and hear about openings.

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