I guess since it's getting chillier, and the leaves are all falling off of the trees, and if you go into any big box store, you will find holiday decor before we have even gotten to Halloween; we should start talking about some holiday festivals that will be returning to Minnesota.

GLOW Holiday festival will be coming back to Minnesota starting next month.

GLOW is returning this 2023 winter season to CHS Field in Downtown St. Paul.

Tickets are on sale now. This 2023 season, GLOW will run from November 16 to December 31 on select dates. Each evening, the event will be open from 5:00PM - 9:00PM. Follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list below to stay up to date on everything we have going on. We'll see you soon!

Christmas and everything surrounding it always brings that warm happy feeling.  The lights, people in good spirits (unless they are shopping for something and standing in long lines or something like that), and just that nice "holiday feeling".

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Usually at these types of festivals people are generally in a good mood.  It's fun to get into the holiday spirit in November, around Thanksgiving.  Not now, when it's still relatively nice out and we haven't even reached the Halloween holiday.  It's weird to see Halloween candy sitting on the shelves in stores right next to a box of Christmas ornaments.  But retail is retail, and they will try to capitalize on anything that they can.  Strike while the iron is hot, so they say. But I feel like holidays should stay in their own lane as much as possible.

Buy your tickets now for GLOW!  It's one of the cheery holiday events that happens in Minnesota.

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