It seems like there is always some study that comes out that says drinking wine or beer or something is beneficial for your health. I take each with a grain of salt. Sure, there probably is some benefits to drinking alcohol in moderation. And not that us beer drinkers need an excuse to drink beer (we drink it because we love it) but here are health "benefits" to drinking the suds.

1. Reduces kidney stones. A recent study found one beer a day can lower your risk of kidney stones by 41%.

2.  Good for after a workout.  The carbs in the beer are good after you've just burned a bunch of calories.  And studies have found it might be better than water when you're dehydrated. I call B.S. on this. Sorry but nothing is better for dehydration than water.

3.  Help fight cancer?  Researchers believe compounds in hops can be use to fight cancer.

4.  Help stop Alzheimer's.  A study in Spain found that couple beers a day reduced the damage that aluminum in your body can do to your brain.  Aluminum is thought to help cause Alzheimer's.

And there's more....

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