It's suddenly very chilly out there.  Did you notice?  And for those of you who love winter and everything that comes with it, this season is for you!

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There's one event that even I, who is not a fan of cold and the things that come with winter, still loves to do, and that is tubing events out at Powder Ridge in Kimball.  And to put that even further, the lazer light tubing events that happen a handful of weekends throughout the winter as well.  Fun!

Powder Ridge has posted their opening date for tubing as December 26th, so after Christmas holiday, you can get into your warm (possibly new) winter duds and head on out to Powder Ridge for a great time of tubing! If you want to ski and/or snowboard, the opening date is this coming weekend (tentatively) as now it is cold enough to make some snow.

Here is the change if you are planning on tubing.  You will need to do just that... plan ahead.  Powder Ridge has posted this new policy for this year's tubing times.

Online tickets are required. To see availability, please click on "add to cart" and a calendar will appear.  Next click on the date of your choosing to check availability. Snowtubing is open weekends, and peak demand dates such as Christmas Break/MLK Day/Presidents Day.

As far as the lazer light tubing events go, you have always had to book those ahead of time, and they do sell out rather quickly.  So if you would like to get a group togther and do the lazer light tubing event, probably book that sooner than later.  I know you can't plan for if there will be a blizzard or not, that's just the risk we take as Minnesotans.  We're tough.

Snowtubing at Powder Ridge is a great outdoor activity for ages 4 to 94! Tubing requires no special skill or equipment, only warm clothes and a desire to have fun. We supply the tubes and you supply the laughs, screams and smiles.

Also remember that if you do book a time for tubing, you need to go during that time.  You will have 2 hours for your time slot.  Powder Ridge has stated that they will be holding tubers to that rule.

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