Who knew that President Donald J Trump was a metal head?

Via Youtube.com
Via Youtube.com

This is really pretty creative.  Someone actually put in the work to make it look like President Trump is "singing" Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills".  It's kind of funny to watch... it's both a bit disturbing and also awesome at the same time.

When you watch the video, you can see that someone went to a lot of work in order to put this thing together.  I have to wonder how long it actually took, because there is a lot of footage that was used from several places in order to get all of the words used in the song.  And is it crazy that Trump actually used all of those words at some point in his speeches?  It's really pretty amazing.

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Also, on a side note, I saw this commercial for "Trumpy Bear".  It totally seemed like a spoof.  It is actually a real commercial, complete with ordering instructions.  I think it might even come with a comb or a brush so you can comb his infamous hair.

Jimmy Kimmel even talked about it on his show.

If you are  looking for a gift for that special person, this might just be the answer.  It seems to vary in price, as well.

Walmart has the bear listed at $56.85, Ebay lists the bear at $79-$73.  And House Merchandise (I really don't know what that is) lists the bear at $55.99.  I think we all know of someone who would actually want this little bear.  Happy Holidays!

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