It's still hard for me to believe that Prince is gone. I still remember being a teenager and enjoying my cassette tape of Prince as I laid in the sun in the backyard. I remember the movie, "Purple Rain." I remember his crazy but super cool clothes...and his quirky personality. I remember that time he came out at an awards show, and it was huge deal.  It took him 5 minutes to get to the stage.

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This year with be 5 years since we lost our Prince, and on Wednesday, April 12th, the Paisley Park Atrium will be open for a free visitation from 9 am to 9 pm. They will be displaying Prince's ashes for the first time in a long time.


The announcement was made last week, and all of the available slots have already sold out, so unless you heard about it early, you'll have get your name on the waitlist. You can sign up for the wait list by clicking HERE now.

Now, if by some magical reason you actually get chosen as one of those that gets to attend, the visitations will be timed, and all visitors will be required to wear masks.

The museum  is also encouraging ticketholders to use ride share services, as parking is limited. Consider using Uber, or Lyft.


If you are planning on touring the facility at the same time as you attend the visitation of Prince's ashes, think again. There will be no regular tours happening that day, so you'll be making a long trip for just a few minutes of viewing Prince's ashes. Depending on who you are, this might be worth the trip; or you may need to add some extra fun to make the trip worthwhile.

Prince died at the age of 57 on the compound on April 21st, of 2016 of an accidental fentanyl overdose. HIs ashes were on display at the museum until early in 2019, when the family asked that his remains be moved out of view.

Fans can still stop by and leave flowers and other memorials next to the statue of Prince's glyph that sits outside Paisley Park.

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