A band that paved the way for many a classic rock band you hear today as we profile: The (Young) Rascals, members of the Rock-N-Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame (1997/2009).

The (Young) Rascals,YouTube

The (Young) Rascals formed in New York back in 1964 and covered many genres, i.e., Pop-soul, Rock-N-Roll, Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz-pop and even Psychedelic.

The band members :

  • Felix Cavaliere - vocals,organ and piano
  • Eddie Brigati - vocals
  • Gene Cornish - guitar
  • Dino Danelli - drums

The Young Rascals were the most consistent hitmakers of what was to become "blue-eyed soul."

Their contributions to music:

They were the most artistically important American bands in a time that was dominated by English rock performers.The greatest "bar band" to come out of New York in the 60's. They had the gift to integrate the jazz sound into their own pop-soul sound unlike many white acts.

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Attached is a video of one of their number one hits, "Groovin'" that was released in 1967.