The first one of the season?  Although it isn't even the Pumpkin Spice season yet....  or shouldn't be.  That season comes around the the FALL people!  Fall- which doesn't officially happen until the end of September.  So, let's do Pumpkin Spice then, mmmmk?

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If it was the end of September, I'd be all in.  As it sits, Kit Kat is just being annoying.  BUT, if you'd like to try these candies, they will be available nationwide next month.  Previously they were only available in certain areas and countries. And, technically they aren't Pumpkin Spice, they are Pumpkin Pie flavor.  Might be good... in September!!!!  I might be overreacting... maybe.

Here's how they are described....

These limited-edition Kit Kats consist of the classic crispy wafers that are covered in a pumpkin pie-flavored crème. Uh, YUM. You can snag a bag (or 10) of the KitKat Pumpkin Pie treat when they hit shelves, beginning in August. Is it going overboard if we camp out in the candy aisle?

Are you in on these?  Or just over the Pumpkin spice... or pie, as it were craze?