Everyone knows how expensive the housing market has been lately. And it's getting worse as the interest rates are also going up.  So, if you are someone that really wants to get into a home and wouldn't like to spend the least amount of money possible without having to buy a condo or a manufactured home, this might be one to consider...that is, while it lasts. Houses seem to be on the market for a hot minute and then sold.

If you do a search of the cheapest home in St. Cloud you will find this one located on Wilson Avenue.  There are a couple of homes that are listed until a hundred thousand dollars, but those are located in apartment buildings... condos.

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This house on Wilson Avenue is listed at $145 grand.  It's not new in any way shape or form.  It was built in the early 1900s.  The listing says that it has two full bathrooms which is a little hard to find in a home of this age.  I'm not sure how people with an entire family and only one bathroom, not even a half bath made that work back in the day, but they did.

This house has been on the market (at this time) for almost 6 months.  In this market, that is a long time.  And there are only three pictures shown, with none of the inside which to me sounds like it's going to need A LOT of TLC.  If you are handy, this might be the project that you have been looking for.  Maybe even a candidate for a flip situation.

Check out the entire listing from Re/Max here.  

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