If you are in the market for a job, or if you want to change jobs, whatever the situation, maybe you would like to work for Raising Cane's.  They are scheduled to open a new location in St. Cloud later this year.  The actual opening date is not clear, but it's going to happen.

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The opening date was actually supposed to happen in 2020, but when the pandemic happened and all of the shut-downs, mostly to the hospitality industry, this project was delayed.  Right now they are focused on staffing.  As far as what they are looking for when hiring, customer service needs to be a priority.  As a potential customer, I love that this is a priority.

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As far as the location, that is also somewhat unclear.  The rumor is that it will be located at the old Ciatti's site.  The address on the hiring link is Division and 27th, which would coincide with the "rumor".  I'm fairly certain that is where it will be, but that has not yet been confirmed by anyone at Raising Cane's.

When Raising Cane's opens, they specialize in chicken fingers and some side dishes.  They also have some special sauces- Cane's Sauce, this will be the fourth restaurant specializing in chicken in the St. Cloud area.  We will now have KFC, Chic-Fil-A, Popeye's Chicken and now Raising Cane's.  So, whichever fits your chicken fancy, St. Cloud should be able to fill the need.

If you'd like to apply for a job with Raising Cane's, click this link


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