This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves.  It's not that hard, and by the way, it's NOT a four way stop.  You may be thinking "duh, I know it's not a 4 way stop", but seriously, I don't think everyone understands that.

Case in point- I'm driving up to a roundabout.  Person in front of me stops.  Why?  Because there is someone to the left of them (yield to the left) that is still on the road approaching the roundabout- really no where near entering it quite yet.  What does the person in front of me do?  He stops. Dead. Completely and lets the other person enter the roundabout and go by, then he pulls into the roundabout.  UGH!!!!  You DON'T stop unless that person is already in the traffic circle, or going at a speed that would make it a bad move to go in front of them.  It's all about judgement.  And knowing how to navigate these things.

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I have lived in a few places that have had these things for years.  I get that they are relatively new in St. Cloud.  But c'mon people- we should be able to get this together.

The other thing that happens is this.  2 lane roundabout.  The outer lane is technically for traveling through and out the next exit.  NOT crossing in FRONT of the person on the inside lane.  The person on the inside lane can either go around or out of the traffic circle.  The person on the outer lane should be exiting at the next opportunity.  Also - if you do happen to go around because of multiple cars, make sure the inside lane driver isn't exiting the traffic circle.  You totally can cut them off and may then be causing an accident.  And on that note- stay in your lane!

Good grief.  Maybe there should be a class on how to navigate a traffic circle/roundabout.  Because it seems to be escaping some drivers.  Last thing- NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME IN A ROUNDABOUT!!!!!!!  This is why they are supposed to keep the flow of traffic moving.  If you stop, that defeats the purpose.

Do we need a tutorial?

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