A cockpit fire forced a chartered plane carrying Ratt and Dokken to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois today. Nobody was injured in the incident.

According to CBS News, smoke appeared in the front of the plane after takeoff, as the Challenger 601 reached an altitude of about 7,000 feet. The pilots were able to don oxygen masks and return the plane to the Moline airport from which they took off. "The cabin didn't fill with smoke," reported Chuck Brennan, a friend of the bands who chartered the plane out of California for the groups' current four-city tour.

"We are ok!," Ratt assured their fans on Facebook. Then, proving once again that you cannot stop rock and roll, they promised that tonight's show at the Deacons Event Center in the Chicago area was still on. "On the way to Wauconda. The tour rolls on..."

So now that we know everybody's safe, we have to wonder... did any of these rock stars make any regrettable confessions a la the famous near-crash scene in 'Almost Famous?' Guess we'll have to wait for a future episode of 'Behind the Music' to find out!