Glam rock was big in the 80's and the band 'Ratt' was no exception to the rule, in fact; the band was very instrumental in the Glam Metal scene back then. "Round and Round," "Lay It Down" and "Wanted Man," laid the foundation for the band as to who they were.


A band originally called themselves, 'Mickey Ratt' was one of the first to use Hot Sexy Female Models on their album covers, which started a trend followed by bands like , 'Slaughter' and 'Great White'.

'Mickey Ratt' which was formed by Stephen Pearcy went through personal changes like no tomorrow, eventually they moved to Los Angeles to better their chances for a major recording contract. In 1981 they shortened their name to 'Ratt".

Some of the key members to help create their sound were Robbin Crosby, Warren DeMartini (guitar), Gene Hunter (bass),  and  Khurt Maier ( drums)  who soon left the band and Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier (Dokken) would join.

In 1988, "Reach For The Sky", would come and produced two hits, "I Want A Woman" and "Way Cool Jr" which both defined Glam metal.

The song's lyrics focus  on a  very poised young handsome, fellow leading the high life while dealing drugs. It was assumed that the song was geared toward Elvis Presley who used to swirl his guitar around his back while on stage or Robbin Crosby who had a bad addiction to Heroin.