All in all, it's been a pretty sketchy Summer, as far as weather goes. We really expect Summer to be three months of great weather for golfing, boating, just about anything that gets us outside after being holed up all winter.  We actually need it to thaw out from Winter. Spring this year sucked and the Summer stuff was slow in kicking in.

Well, don't put away the Speedos and tube tops yet. Looks like the next several days are going to be pretty nice. How do 70's and 80's with ample sunshine sound?


That's exactly what we have to look forward to.  According to the weather forecasters, (and they never lie, right?) tomorrow looks like it's going to be party cloudy and mid 70's,. maybe some thunder showers in the afternoon, just maybe. The rest of the next several days look like this:

Sunday looks to be mostly sunny and close to 80

Monday & Tuesday, party cloudy to mostly clear with highs in the low 80's

Wednesday, party cloudy and close to 80

Then things start to cool down a bit. Thursday with party cloudy skies and low 70' expected.

After all that we can expect to return to Fall like temps.  So enjoy the next several days.

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