Every year there is a heated debate on which trees are better - real or fake ones during the holidays. So, what do Central Minnesotan's think about the question? Cast your vote here!

Only once in my life have I ever had a real Christmas tree. It was the first year I had my own apartment - and I loved having it! However, the upkeep on a real tree is a lot harder than a fake one, and a fake one I can have all the lights pre-built into it so it is perfect! Also, there's no denying the "fire hazard" a real tree provokes. BUT, how can you top the smell of a real Christmas tree in your home?!

This is a serious dilemma people face. But some people are DIE-HARD real Christmas tree supporters. So we are trying to figure out how Central Minnesotans feel about the debate. Let us know! Do you rock a real, or fake Christmas tree during the holidays?