A small Minnesota town could soon be the home of America's next reality show.

Film crews are shooting a TV pilot episode about ice fishing on Mille Lacs Lake tomorrow (Saturday). The idea for the show has been in the works for the past year. Film crews have been waiting for the ice to thicken enough to begin filming. The pilot focuses on the business aspect of the ice fishing season. Film crews will be following staff members from Fishermen's Wharf Resort to get an idea of their day to day routine.

The pilot's associate producer, Joe Murphy was a former producer for the well-known game show, "Deal or No Deal." He says they chose to focus on Fishermen's Wharf Resort because the owner and staff are interesting.

He says the tourists transform the small town of Isle over the winter months.

A couple hundred people are expected to attend tomorrow's (Saturday) tournament at the Fishermen's Wharf Resort. Murphy says the crew will return to Los Angeles in a few weeks and put together a forty-five minute episode.

There is no word yet on which network is looking to pick up the pilot, or when the reality show would air.