Do you ever go in and thumb through your vehicle's owner's manual? On road trips when I'm bored and not driving I'll crack open the glovebox and peruse what things are included in my vehicle, and what I didn't get in terms of options. One thing I learned recently is that if I hit a button twice on my fob, and hold the key down after the second push it rolls down all my windows.

I found this invaluable while on vacation recently, where temps were in the 90s. What I didn't know is that this fob hack seems to work for different models/make of vehicles. On vacation, we were driving a Jeep and when we double-clicked the unlock button, then held it down after the 2nd push.

At home, we drive Chevrolet and that is how we learned about the 'fob' hack after I was reading through my owner's manual one day.

I love doing this in the summer when I am about to leave work, to release all the hot air that has built up inside my vehicle as it sits in the hot parking lot. It's not practical during the winter, but I suppose knowing that you can open your windows without being in the car could be 'handy', but for what in sub-zero temps...I don't know.

I've tried this hack on my co-worker's KIA and didn't have success. So now I am curious as to what make and models this works with.

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Have you ever tried this before? If not, give it a try and if it works, leave the make of the vehicle in the comments.

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