Man can this guy can play drums, let me introduce you to Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson.

In 1969 Duane Allman was forming The Allman Brothers Band and his first recruit was none other than "Jaimoe". This wiz on the drums was touring with greats like Otis Redding ("Sitting on the Dock of the Bay") and Sam & Dave ("I'm a Soul Man").

Unfortunately he left the Allman Brothers Band in 1980 due to a back injury, the band did split up two years down the road from that.

In 1989 the band resurfaced and guess who was there ? You got it "Jaimoe", and played a key part of the resurgence and continued to perform with the band in 2009.

Attached is "Jaimoe" with The Allman Brothers Band performing, "Whipping Post".