Digital recordings drastically changed how we listen to music now days. I really kind of miss the act of searching out great music by flipping through the albums at a local record store.


I miss Sam Goody's, Musicland. In SanDiego they had a record store called Licorice Pizza and who can forget St Cloud's Electric Fetus. You could spend hours in there.

Back in the early 70's I worked in a record store called Broadway Music.  It was owned by a guy named George Garrett. George was the former manger for a 60's Minneapolis based band called The Trashmen. They had a number one record "Surfin' Bird" in the sixties and were knocked out of their #1 spot by a new band out of Liverpool, England called The Beatles.

Anyway, I worked at this record store and I can honestly say that at least half of what I know about music today, I learned from reading album covers in my down time at the store.

I got to meet and know a wide variety of people and was exposed to many different kinds of music. Still, to this day, if I'm walking and spot a record store, full of old treasures, I'm compelled to walk in and check it out.

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