As you may have heard, marijuana will be decriminalized and essentially legal beginning on August 1st. Before you get too far ahead of yourselves, just remember that pot is still illegal today (July 31st).

Yes, indeed, if you get pulled over in a vehicle today and the police find some of the devil's lettuce you could be subject to criminal fines and/or arrest! But, if you just wait a few more hours it will be completely legal and no longer an issue.

It kind of reminds me of how if you buy a joint in Colorado, but the minute you get to Nebraska it is illegal again, until you get to Minnesota where it's legal. Then, if you hit Wisconsin it is illegal again... until you get to Illinois where it is legal.

Make it make sense. How can something be illegal one day and legal the next? It's absolutely comical how all of the sudden one day something that has been so looked down upon will now be sold over the counter. All of the lectures from police officers during the DARE program, all of the episodes of Saved By The Bell (THERE'S NO HOPE WITH DOPE) all of the lectures at the beginning of arcade games (WINNERS DON'T DO DRUGS) out the window.... but not until August 1st. Today it is still bad and could get you in trouble.

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