Opening morning of the 2020 deer hunting season will be a hard one to top for one Minnesota man. Remember last year when Cory Klocek of Bladwin, MN bagged a buck and an alligator?

In a post to Facebook with over 43,000 shares, Cory shared the story of his opening morning hunt:

As I'm walking around a pond, tracking my deer, I look down to see a 3 foot alligator 10 feet in front of me. After contacting the game warden, I was informed I could shoot it. No clue how it got there, or why. I'm guessing someone had it as a pet and released it when it got too big. Either way, only in 2020 can you go out to sit for deer gun season opener in Minnesota and shoot an alligator.

Cory's post went viral, as it should. It's not every day that an alligator is found in Minnesota, much less during hunting season.

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Who knows what wild tales this upcoming hunting season will bring, all I know is that I'm excited for it. Last year we had a great mix of weather for being in the tree stand. The first weekend was unseasonably warm and we were hunting in t-shirts and the second weekend we had snow on the ground. I wouldn't be upset if that's how this year went as well. It was a nice blend of weather, and my hunting party saw a lot of success with it.

Be sure to check out all the rules, regulations, and dates for this upcoming firearm season in Minnesota by checking the Minnesota DNR website.

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