ST. CLOUD -- A 100-year old family owned business was recently honored by the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce.

Rengel Printing received the 2022 Family-Owned Business of the Year award last month as part of the Chambers Small Business Awards.

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Pete Rengel is the third generation owner of the business. He says growing up he never pictured himself running the family business.

My dream wasn't to be a printer, but at the end of the day I'm enjoying what I do now. Time changes things along the way and there are different paths in the road. If I had chosen a different path I don't know where I would be today.

Rengel Printing was started 100 years ago by Jack Rengel. In 1975 Jack's son, John, bought the business and in 2004 Pete took over the family business.

Rengel says after a slow start as owner, but the company has really grown in the last five years with the addition of several satellite offices across the state, increased staff and more expansion plans in the works.

He says with so much growth in a short time, they plan to take a step back and really focus on their everyday operations.

We've done so much growth in recent years that we've decided to pull back a little bit and get everyone on the same page. When you grow as fast as we have it takes some people longer to adjust, so we want to get them on the same playing field.

Rengel says looking back he has no regrets about his decision to continue carrying on the family business.

In addition to Rengel, BadCat Digital owner Michelle Henderson and Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill owner Tom Frericks, were also recognized as this years Small Business Award recipients.


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