VRBO has become very popular over the last few years.  Rent a house for your friends and/or family.  Some of them are really affordable too.  Although there are a few of them that have some fees that were not obvious prior to seeing the nightly/weekly pricing.  So, just make sure that you read EVERYTHING before booking any of these VRBOs or AirBNB.

This "Unique Island Getaway" is located in Prior Lake,  This is just over an hour from St. Cloud near the Twin Cities.

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There are three bedrooms and one bathroom and sleeps 6 people.  6 people and one bathroom would throw me off a bit, but if you're all one family fight for it.  If you are all friends, this may be a little more awkward.  But anyway, you can work that out.

The good thing is that the description says that each private bedroom has a great view of the lake.  Well, it's an island, so there should be 360 degree views.  I would be very disappointed if there weren't.

The master bedroom has a spacious king bed, closet, and two windows looking out over the water to the south and west. The second bedroom has a queen bed, large closet and also has two sets of windows to enjoy the lake views to the south and east. Our third bedroom has two twin beds, a large closet, and a window looking out over the water to the east. We have beds for 6 guests.

And before anyone gets their shorts in a bunch, I do realize that people prefer "primary" bedroom over "master" bedroom now.  But let's just roll with this for now.  This is their description on the VRBO site.

Lots of things to do while making use of the lake around Lone Tree Island.  And, by the way, the only way to this island is by boat.  So, please bring a boat.  No other transportation is provided.  Another option would be to rent a pontoon from Prior Lake Pontoon Rentals.  How convenient, right?

This rents for $320 per night.  There is a cleaning fee of $200.  Is it available in the winter?  Possibly.  But again, you need to be able to get there safely.  So you'd have to wait to see what the ice situation is first.

Check out the photos here.


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