We all have a lot of crap on our cell phones. If you are like me, you probably use very few of the apps on your phone. If fact, I have no idea what most of those apps are for.

My recommendation is to replace the crap with the new Loon app. The advantages are great and you'll be up to date on everything happening at The Loon. You'll be the first to know about contests, concerts and when we contest with code words, you'll receive an extra code word just for having The Loon app on your phone. also, be up to date on the latest classic rock news.

It's easy and absolutely free to download The Loon app. Just go to Google Play or ITunes  now and download The Loon app today.

When you download The Loon app, just come into the Loon studios at 640 Lincoln Ave SE, St Cloud and get your free official Loon key chain.