Here's another one from the "Duh!" research people. I think this is fairly obvious.  Ask any woman, especially a married woman.  Most likely she'll say men never grow up.

University of Oxford did an intensive study and found out what most everyone already knew, men just don't mature as fast as women.  In fact if it wasn't for women, I wonder if we'd ever mature at all.  Even though women's and men's brains manage to develop the same capabilities on dealing with daily life, men are a bit slower than women in developing "functional" networks. according to the study.


My own observations tell me that we men are reluctant to give up toys.  All through life we are still collecting all the toys we can. When we were once collecting toy trucks, action figures, etc, once we reach adulthood and have some expendable income we shift to bigger toys like snowmobiles, motorcycles, jet skies, golf clubs and that kind of stuff.

So, science says we don't grow up until 40. I say, there's no reason to ever grow up.


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