The city of Richmond on the Chain of Lakes is hosting a unique fishing event called Cat Fish Fest.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News says fishing for cat fish is gaining in popularity and the organizers of this 2 day event would like to make this an annual thing.  The Richmond Fire Department is organizing the event.  He says participants can fish the entire Horseshoe chain from 3pm Friday to 3pm Saturday with the headquarters on Cedar Island Lake.  Schmitt says they'll have a tent there with a weigh in station and beverages.   Schmitt says he's been told ticket sales have been good so far.  He says one of the events will include a how-to cleaning of cat fish and he expects eating of cat fish on Saturday and possibly Friday too.  Schmitt says they'll be making cat fish a couple of ways which include deep fried and in gumbo.

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Schmitt says the horseshoe chain of lakes has a big supply of cat fish.  He says eel pout fishing has also gained in popularity in recent years despite the eel pout festival that was held in Walker on Leech Lake ending a couple of years ago.  Schmitt says despite the ugliness of the fish they have become a targeted fish in the state.  He says it's likely the DNR will put a limit on the amount of eel pout that can be caught next season.

Schmitt says ice anglers have just a couple of weeks left of fishing walleye in the state.  He says there is still some good walleye fishing to be had.  Schmitt says he'll down size his presentation and expects to target fishing early and late in the day to have the most success.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen it is available below.



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