Most of the rockers from yesteryear are musically and creatively past their prime. It’s a sad site to see, but it’s the cold hard truth. After they hit middle age it seems like their talents start to go downhill faster than a speeding freight train.

But every now and then you come across someone who magically retains their musical prowess. One such person happens to be the one and only – Rick Springfield. Not only does Rick still sound awesome, but he also still looks like a million bucks.

The guy is pushing 70 years old and he looks like he’s 35. Not that his dashing looks have anything to do with his music, just throwing that out there. Yes dear reader, Mr. Springfield has it all, the voice, the looks, and most importantly – the songs.

Let’s just be honest. Jessie’s Girl is probably the catchiest song ever written. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like that song, and quite frankly I don’t want to meet the person that doesn’t.

If you love Rick’s music as much as I do then you should be pretty thrilled to hear that he’s playing at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake New Years Eve. He's actually playing 2 shows that day. His first performance starts at 6 pm and the second one at 10 pm. You can get a ticket online for as cheap as $45.