You know, we have enough to worry about in this world without a very common thing like diet soda trying to kill you.


How many people do you know that drink this every day, or at least close to every day?  I don't.  I never really did.  It's not that I don't like soda, diet or otherwise, but I just don't think of it as my drink of choice.  Yes, I will have some in a occasional cocktail here and there, but c'mon!  This is crazy!  

It goes along with all of the information that we are now getting about the dangers of processed foods and the like;  I'm thinking that we may as well just go out into the country and live off the land.  Like a hippie commune.  That might be a better idea.


Seems like anything that has been made convenient is bad, maybe even horrible for us to consume.


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That's it.  Go that route,.. until they find out that that's going to kill you too.