If you’re a Minnesotan, you probably know by now that one of the best local bands is the one and only – Hairball. If you’re looking for a fun night, these guys are the band to see. Believe me, I’ve seen my fair share of 80s cover bands, and it’s not very often you actually stumble across a group that can nail those songs note for note.


But Hairball does. A lot of the songs from that era are deceivingly technical. If you haven’t seen or heard them yet, just do a quick YouTube search. Without a doubt they’re a pretty impressive group of musicians.

If you’re like me and love seeing all the classics from Van Halen, KISS, and Aerosmith played live then you should definitely look into Hairball’s performance at Rock The Prairie this year. It's taking place at the Albany Amphitheater on Saturday, September 7th at 4:30 pm. Tickets are available online now.

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