There have to be a million rock songs that in some way are politically incorrect, to say the least. Here are just a few of some blatantly sketchy tunes. Going back to 1958, Chuck Berry "Sweet little Sixteen". Chuck was in his 30's when he penned this tune. Kinda creepy, I'd say.  Back in 1962 Ray Stevens recorded a song called "Ahab the Arab" Enough said.  Jimi Hendrix's first song to hit the charts "Hey Joe" a song about shooting his cheating girlfriend dead. Not cool.  then there is Jethro Tull's "Aqualung"

TMI Grandma

with lyrics like "Eyeing little girls with bad intent" and "watching as the frill panties run" makes this song extra creepy. "Brown Sugar" by the Stones, recorded in 1971, talks of a plantation owner that has sex with his female slaves. And in 1980, a band called The Vapors released a song called "Turning Japanese" which talks about how one squints their eyes while pleasuring one's self.  I'm sure there must be a ton more tunes out there. What songs do you consider not so PC in today's environment?

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