ROCKVILLE (WJON News) -- The Rockville City Council has voted to postpone accepting the resignations of its five highest-ranking firefighters.

During a special meeting on Tuesday night, the council held a public hearing and heard from several residents and some current fire department members.

Zach Hanson says the issue is not about policy and procedure.

I've been on the department for 14 years, I've met some wonderful people, I completely respect the leadership that's on this department, been through a lot and they've been there for me every step of the way.  I've been wanting to quit the department for the past three years, strictly because of the stuff that goes on here at city hall.

On December 13th Fire Chief Rodney Schaefer informed the city council that he and the other four officers in the department were all handing in their resignations as officers, but would stay on the department.

Mayor Duane Willenbring says a nearly two-hour meeting was held on Monday between city leaders and most members of the fire department.

At Tuesday's special city council meeting they voted to postpone accepting the resignations until January 31st. They are asking for another joint meeting between the council, fire department, administration, and legal counsel to discuss the issues between the two sides.

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The officers have agreed to stay in their current roles until January 31st.


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