If you’re a Rod Stewart fan and you happened to have tickets to his concert at the Xcel Energy Center (which was originally scheduled for Wednesday, August 15th) then you’re probably pretty bummed. And if you aren’t bummed now, then you will be when I tell you this – Rod’s concert has been cancelled and rescheduled.

Yes, it’s sad. I know. It’s never fun when an event that you’ve made extensive plans for in advance ends up getting rescheduled, but hey, that’s life. When I was a wee lad I had tickets to go see Aerosmith, and they literally cancelled the show about two hours before it was supposed to start, so I know how you feel.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stewart recently came down with strep throat, which for obvious reasons, will prevent him from singing for a while. The good news is, all of the ticket purchases will still be honored, and you can catch Rod when he comes back for his rescheduled concert on Sunday, October 14th. Also, ticket refunds are available at the point of purchase.

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