Roger Waters was rallying his fans to vote for Barack Obama in 2008, and now it sounds like he's regretting that decision.

Roger Waters tells Rolling Stone in an interview that he's "very disappointed" with how President Barack Obama has done his job and that everything the President has done "goes against everything" he believes in. Well, that's great and I am so happy that you feel comfortable enough to voice your opinion, Roger, but you live in the U.K. so the fact that what we do here in our country really isn't any of your business you pompous ass.

He also says that he can't "find any value" in the Republican candidates and that it would be a "disaster" if they took back the White House. Roger does admit that even though electing a Republican would be a bad choice and even though the President is "pandering to everyone", President Obama should be re-elected. Not exactly sure why who is in the White House affects him directly because it's not like Roger lives here permanently or holds a U.S. Passport or has any voting rights in the U.S.

Roger will be here for the majority of the year as he brings his Wall Tour back around. I have already purchased my tickets and I am going to be praying that the concert is just that. Music. I left an REO Speedwagon concert early once because it turned into a political rally and that's not what I paid to see.

I've always taken issue with celebrities and people who live outside of the United States telling us who to vote for. It's an insanely personal decision and it's asinine to think that someone would be influenced to vote one way or the other because British citizen who doesn't even live here Roger Waters told us to.

Write a song about it and then maybe we'll care.

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