A recent scam to be aware of involves attempts to extort money from victims on dating sites.  Alicia Mages from Tri-County Crimestoppers says this scam involves people posing as someone they aren't threatening individuals with photos they don't likely have and demand payment so these photos don't become public.

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Mages says those threatening are most likely not going to do anything with these photos.  She encourages people to talk to a trusted person even if you may be embarrassed about the communication with these individuals online.  Mages says these individuals could pose as law enforcement and may even text or call the victim.  She says the scammer asks for payment in gift cards or increment sums of money.  Mages explains the scams often times are intended to play on emotions and require quick action.

Many of these scams originate out of the state or out of the country and use burner phones.  Mages says scammers use social media sites and email to gain information from victims so she advises to be on the look out for scams.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Alicia Mages it is available below.



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