Rock band line-up changes should come as no surprise at this point. It’s usually a bit of a bummer, but hey, what do you do? Sometimes relations in bands go sour and people go their separate ways (cue Journey.) It happens to the best of them – Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns-N-Roses, and even Pink Floyd.

But every now and then, we’ll get lucky for a band to bury the hatchet and re-unite. A band that has fallen to the clichés of rock band drama, that had the maturity to get back on good terms is Foreigner.

These guys have had a few different singer changes over the years (why is it always the singer?) but most fans regard the most memorable era of the band as the Lou Gramm era. And who can blame them? He was their original frontman, sang most of their most famous tunes, and sounded totally awesome.

Over the past couple years Foreigner has done a handful of reunion shows with their original singer and there are rumors going around that he may join his former band mates for some upcoming shows this year.

But that’s not the only rumor going around. Lou and guitarist Mick Jones have recently been publicly flirting with the idea of writing and recording together again. We don’t know if it was will under the “Foreigner” name yet, but it’s cool that they’re at least considering working together again.

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