Of course we know they're playing the Target Center in September, but what can fans expect? Alex Lifeson spills the beans here. 

In a new interview, Alex Lifeson says that Rush will be touring behind Clockwork Angels with a string ensemble.

He explains that strings make up a good portion of the music on their new record so they thought it made sense to bring an orchestra with them and not only will the orchestra be performing with them on some of their new tracks, but that they're going to incorporate the string section for the whole performance including their older material. Alex said that they wanted to do "something different" for the fans on this tour.

What he's not saying is what they're going to be doing in the visual department. The only thing he did tell was that it's going to be a bit of an extension of their Time Machine tour, so if you saw that, you kind of know what you're getting yourself into but Alex says that it's still going to be "fresh and new".