With a new album on the way, the career of Rush is far from stagnant. But they’ll get saluted with an award for their achievements to date at the fourth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards on April 11.

The Canadian rock legends will receive the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be presented by comedic duo Tenacious D at the annual awards ceremony, set to take place at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

The members of Rush are no stranger to a good joke, so naturally, they’re pleased to have the members of the D presenting them with the award. drummer Neil Peart shared what the honor means to the trio:

“We are honored and delighted to receive this honor—especially because it will be presented by Jack and Kyle. Our ‘lifetimes’ are not over yet, and we dearly hope our ‘achievements’ are not either, so I suppose you could say that to us this is the ‘So Far, So Good’ award.”

Both D members are  longtime Rush fans, and Black previously shared his analysis of the group in their documentary ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage,’ joking about Peart’s “brewing intensity and wisps of darkness.”

With Rush receiving this new honor, Black expands on his thoughts regarding the group to say “Rush was the most impressive band, musically, when I was just learning about rock. Weirdly, they got your body moving in interpretive-dancing ways, but it was still aggressive. Their stuff was just so complex and so tasty!”

Leave it to Jack Black to term Rush as “tasty.” You’re one in a million, sir.

Slash, Sixx: A.M., Dee Snider and Yngwie Malmsteen are among the artists who will also appear and perform at the Golden Gods, which will be broadcast on XBox Live and the official Facebook pages for XBox and Revolver.

‘Clockwork Angels,’ the forthcoming album from Rush, will reportedly be released on May 29, with a tour expected to follow this fall.