There are some opinions that, for some reason, are considered to be socially unacceptable. For a long time it was considered unacceptable to support gay marriage, and you’re still ridiculed if you think that the Star Wars prequels were good movies, and that pineapple pizza is eatable (okay, pineapple pizza sucks, I’ll give you that one.)

However, there’s one unpopular opinion I defend more rigorously and passionate than the rest. Are you ready for the most unpopular opinion of the century? Good, here it is – Sammy Hagar is better than David Lee Roth. There I said it. And I don’t just mean as a solo artist, I mean as the lead singer of the once mighty – Van Halen.


Whenever I get involved in discussions about who Van Halen’s best singer is I always initially shout “GARY CHERONE!!!” just to see if anyone actually remembers that little mistake (no disrespect towards Gary, the chemistry just wasn’t right.) And immediately afterwards I start defending Sammy Hagar.

Rumor's have been surfacing recently about a possible 2019 Van Halen tour, but personally I'm way more excited about Sammy Hagar and The Circle (which includes Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson.) I'm definitely going to go see them when they play Mystic Lake Casino (Prior Lake.) The show is on May 17th at 8 pm, and tickets are available now. They range from $50-$200.

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