Santa Claus aka Jolly Old Saint Nick aka Father Christmas aka Kris Kringle will be making an appearance in Sartell on Saturday. Mr. Claus is scheduled to fly via private sleigh to the Sartell Coborn's location.

Claus, whose schedule is incredibly busy this time of year, is setting aside two hours just a week before Christmas to allow youngsters (and oldsters who are young at heart) a chance to get in their last-minute Christmas wishes.

Despite the fact that we are so close to Christmas, Claus says that it is very important for him to make these personal appearances so kids know he isn't 'messing around' when it comes to checking his list twice and deciding who has been naughty and who has been nice.

"Listen, I could just rely on the parents to tell kids that I am always watching," Claus said recently via Zoom. "Or, I could show up in person and let them see I am not messing around here."

Claus, who also goes by the name Papa Noel, will be at Coborn's from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. before being rushed to the St. Cloud Airport to fly away on his sleigh, which he always leaves idling. He adds that he isn't concerned about anyone trying to steal the sleigh.

"Listen, I don't think there's anyone foolish enough to try to steal my ride," Claus said while bellowing a few bursts of his trademark laughter. "I cannot think of a faster way to land on the PERMANENT naughty list."

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