A big crowd hovered around the shiny metal boxes this past Sunday as the names were called out to play Wheels or No Wheels. A brand new Camaro from Gilleland Chevrolet was up for grabs and the suspense had everyone on their heels as Sara Langer of Sauk Rapids pulled the lucky envelope that allowed her to work her way down to a final case, hopefully containing that Camaro (NOT literally).

As the runner-ups made their way back to the spectator area, Sara, her friend and daughter anxiously chose their cases to open first. As the number inside the box was revealed, an audible gasp rumbled through the crowd... that very first box contained the prize number that coincided with the Camaro.



Alas, Sara would not be driving home in the sleek revamped muscle car. However she had 29 other prizes to win, and she quickly whittled it down to a final case containing a certificate for $2000 in electronics from LGS Electronics.


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