If you missed out on Mike Merryfield last week, you missed some comedy gold. Comedy Night at Benton Station every Saturday night is real comedy. Comedians from all over the country actually come to central Minnesota to make you laugh, and they will. This week it's Tommy Thompson and Carolyn Blomberg. Check them out below.

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Headliner Tommy Thompson:
Funny man Tommy Thompson has a brand of comedy that is as unique as he is. His emphatic delivery and high energy makes him fun to see time and again. Tommy has been dishing out  laughs for over 18 years with a distinct style that will make you leave his show feeling exhausted Tommy's hilarious story telling perspective has eared him spots at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta , The best of the Midwest at Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids MI, The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas , and touring appearances with the likes of Nick Swardson and Lachalan Patterson.  With material that is adult without being dirty, he is the champion of the every-man, and a comic that can relate on all levels.

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Featured comedian is Carolyn Blomberg:
Carolyn Blomberg has been a comedian in the Twin Cities for 10 years. She started in standup, became a paramedic, quit that and then got into improv. Now she's back doing standup comedy and she's also a professional makeup artist. Some would call her lack of career stability "indecisive", Carolyn's dad calls it "multipotentialism".


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