Live from New York, it's Paul McCartney and Paul Simon! Both classic rockers will be featured on 'SNL 40,' a three-hour special that will air in a couple weeks celebrating the 40th anniversary of NBC's 'Saturday Night Live.'

McCartney checked in with a recent memorable performance in 2012, when he appeared with the surviving members of Nirvana on the show. And a skit with Chris Farley may be one of the late comedian's best known. Simon, meanwhile, was game enough to wear a turkey suit on the show once. His second-ever appearance in 1976 included a duet with McCartney's old Beatles bandmate George Harrison for a performance of 'Here Comes the Sun.'

'SNL 40' is scheduled to air at 8PM ET on Feb. 15 on NBC. A number of other stars will be on hand, including actors Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks, athletes Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter and other musical figures like Justin Timberlake and recent McCartney collaborator Kanye West.

Many of the show's best-known alum are also set to return, including Eddie Murphy, who hasn't been on 'Saturday Night Live' since his 1984 departure. Additional performers will be announced later.

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