Sunday brunch.  It's something that a lot of people look forward to, whether it's something that you make on your own at home and have family over each week... say like after church or something.  Or maybe it's just something that you do on special occasions.  Whatever the case may be - Sunday brunch is pretty awesome.

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Many times you might be in the mood for a Sunday brunch or just a big breakfast and you don't feel like cooking, now there is another option for going out to eat and having someone else do the cooking for you.

Lost Times Tavern, who recentlly (within the last few months) has reopened had a limited menu and limited hours at first. Recently they did extend their hours to include lunch service, and just within the last day, they announced on their Facebook page that they are now adding a Sunday breakfast option.

I love the headline that they used - "people have been asking, we listen".  So now, they will be offering Sunday breakfast from 10am until 2pm.  From the menu that they posted it looks like they will have the normal breakfast favorites along with a couple of things for those that may have "indulged" a little bit the night before and are looking for something to ease their morning... after.

Lost Times Tavern is located in Sauk Rapids on Benton Drive.  You can get more information on their Facebook page. 

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