Yep. Frankenstein. The original creature feature from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Starring Boris Karloff as The Monster and Clive Owen in what is really one of the most chilling depictions of a scientist cultivating insanity with all the best intentions. Pop this sucker in about 6pm on Halloween to get you started.

To this day, this film is amazingly relevant, maybe even more-so than when it was originally in theatres in 1931. The idea of the advancement of science as an excuse to play God and tweak the human race 'for the better' is a fear and, in some cases, a reality we all share. This idea has carried over into the massive explosion of zombie movies and TV series we see now.


The concept of the insane Dr. Frankenstein (with an obviously hideously handicapped henchman) robbing graves and medical schools for body parts that become components for a stitched-together aberration of humanity has not only moral implications, but it's just damn crazy. The resulting creature is akin to a badly traumatized pit-bull crossed with a severely autistic toddler, responding to gentleness with horrifying results and violently lashing out in terror from it's own fear and uncertainty.

Down deep the movie warns us against uneasy science, questions our treatment of the handicapped and leaves us both abhorring and mourning for the creature. It may not have a serious 'jump-out-of-your-seat' scare in it, but the lingering feelings of dread it ends with are more than enough to nag at your psyche as we continue on into the night with our little fright-fest.