When I picked up the guitar at age 13, it was my greatest aspiration to be in a rock band. I was consumed with all things rock-n-roll. When I got home from school I’d play guitar and learn my favorite songs for 7 or 8 hours a night. I couldn’t get enough of it. Eventually I started writing my own material and threw a band together.

We started performing at local venues and by the time I was a senior in high school we had opened for a handful of semi-popular bands. Of course, we didn’t sound as good as we could have with a little coaching. Most of us were self taught, and that means our technique wasn’t the best. We would’ve profited a lot from some mentorship.


For musically inclined kids that have the same aspirations that we once had, a program that I would definitely recommend is “School of Rock - Grunge” It’s a set of classes taking place between July 22nd and July 26th that will coach young rock musicians and group them into compatible bands that will put on performances of classic grunge anthems. You can register now online for $350.

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